Dexter Marketing Sdn Bhd

Recognized as a key supplier in the oil & gas industry, one of the objectives of Dexter Marketing Sdn Bhd is to meet the demanding international standard of the industry.

To be a preferred supplier, we know it takes more than just great products.It demands even beyond knowledgeable technical support staff and great customer service. Here, we strive to become your “dream supplier” by taking the initiative to understand your requirements and constraints before offering a practical solution that ensures uninterruptible supply of diesel, fuel oil and lubricants to you in the most “cost-friendly” manner.
We will maximize your operation efficiency and allow you to get the most out of your equipment with our lines of bunkering, diesel supply, fuel oil and lubricant.

Collaborating with oil majors such as SHELL, PETRONAS, PETRON and CALTEX to provide fuel source to various industries, our quality products combined with our expert approach means providing energy solutions to meet your specific requirements.


About Us Dexter Marketing stands for quality, value and service. Most importantly, it stands for our commitment to our customers.Our aim is to meet the energy needs of industries, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.

Managed by highly experienced staff, Dexter Marketing is ever ready to provide complete support in every operational aspect, right from planning, logistical arrangement up to delivery.

At Dexter Marketing, our attention to quality, professionalism, services and efficiency dictates that you are always satisfied with our distinctive value through competency and fast service. We aim to ensure that customers meet their production goals at economical costs without compromising safety, environment requirements and timely delivery. Since establishing Dexter Marketing Sdn Bhd, we have continued to grow steadily and are now poised to become a significant player in the oil and gas market of this region.

Vision To be a leading provider in the oil and gas industry, operating both domestically and overseas.

Mission To develop a company with a proven track record and quality services, providing oil and gas to the many various industries while maintaining requirement standards.

Ana General Manager Dexter Marketing Sdn Bhd

Your Trusted Oil & Gas Supplier